That is All! :)


The cloudy sky today reminds me of another such cloudy day about three years back. It was my birthday, I was in Spain, travelling, all by myself, fulfilling my wish of exploring the foreign land, solo.  I did not plan the day on purpose and set out for a spontaneous adventure. Some impromptu thinking was followed by the decision to board the train that would take me to my destination.

I sat gazing out of the window, as my train chugged slowly, on its way to Montserrat. Montserrat is a pristine, peaceful monastery, just about an hour away from Barcelona. As my train crept up through the quiet, dramatic rock formations, the beauty of the place leisurely unravelled. And as the train was getting closer and closer to Montserrat, the distant towns like little hamlets, at the foot of the mountains were getting smaller and smaller.


From the great height, almost the top of the mountain, the parishes appeared very beautiful and serene. They quietly stood there, adding to the magnificence of the nature around them. I was just wondering if the people in those towns knew how beautiful their place actually was. Did they know how picturesque their life seemed from up here? How many of them would have actually travelled up here and seen their little dwellings from this distance. I am sure they are busy going about their lives, dealing with the mundanity of everyday, schools, colleges, work, families, chores, the same cycle from dawn to dusk. I only wished if they could see, what I was seeing.


And at that very instant I had a realisation. A realisation that this whole situation resonated with my own. I was far away from home, traveling around in different countries. On one hand, with every passing day, I was increasingly in awe of the beauty of the foreign lands, but on the other, I yearned for my own place, my home, my people, my country and how we live. At that moment, I felt like I was one of those town dwellers, just that I was seeing my life from a distance. And that was exactly what was making me realise how beautiful my own life was.  The daily life madness had made me myopic to the beauty I was a part of. Distance gave me the answers.

And so, I sincerely wish that all of us, take some time off, set off for a distance, to sit on that perceptive perch, to witness and feel the bliss in our lives, and come back happy and content, as never before. That is all! 🙂


Autumn is Here!


I feel happy. I feel happy, as I smell autumn in the air. I smell an unending glee in the air. I don’t know what it is, but the moment September comes and October approaches, my mind is always in a state of permanent high. A happiness that is difficult to get out of and is infectious, so much so that I even start enjoying mundane jobs.

From morning till evening, the season and the weather it creates, becomes a feeling, a feeling which melts into me and clings on me throughout the day. The old Bangalore morning sky otherwise always covered with grey clouds of romanticism, joined by the cool hill station like breeze create a lost-in-admiration mood.  But now, suddenly this sky is summer blue and is adorned with cotton ball like white bubbly clouds. The breeze now warm and un-moist, blows around like a happy kid in a carnival, and pulls you out, from the happy-dullness of romance, to unearth the childlike cheer in you.


Mornings now, are indeed broad-smile pleasant, but the evenings are no less. At the end of the day when I step out of my air conditioned office, which keeps me and everyone else absolutely unaware of the weather outside, and this warm, joyful breeze hits me, an effortless smile spreads across my face. I am sure some of the bystanders in the parking lot, think that may be the crazy girl is imagining herself to be shooting a song sequence in an imaginary movie. But little do they know, that it’s the magic of autumn and its enchanting spell that it casts on me and who knows, maybe all of us.

The arrival of September is ever refreshing as it bids farewell to the fresh-with-rain yet gloomy, monsoon brothers July and August. The gloom of pitter-patter and sometimes thundering rains makes one all poetic and philosophical. That time of the year connects you with your soul and at times introduces you to some new and unknown aspects of your own personality. But the freshness, washes away the hardships of summer and carries with it September’s palanquin to offer us a time to rejoice, a time to enjoy and be merry.

Alighting its ride, September, tells us to get rid of the jacket of philosophy and don the carefree attire of autumn and delve into the sea of worldly pleasures. Spend time with your loved ones, indulge in mindless chatter, dance away all the worries, and sing to please your heart.

I listen to autumn and it’s easy for me too, as all my autumn happiness stems from the countless delightful memories of Pujo (Durga Puja) that come ebbing to the surface. The excitement of going to the Pujo pandal, dressed in brand new clothes, praying to Ma (goddess Durga), sitting hours in front of the idol admiring her beauty and feeling the love that I have for her and the beautiful time of the year, listening to the dhak (drum) and the kashor ghonta (prayer bell), watching the joyous and artful dance of the dhakis (drummers), catching up with friends, enjoying the heavenly taste of the bhog prasad, the list is endless.


The evenings mean watching and participating in the dhunuchi naach (the dance for offering prayers), witnessing the beautifully elaborate sandhi pujo (evening prayers), participating in dance performances, dance-dramas and singing; eating the craziest amounts of food from across different food stalls and watching celebrated artists perform and much more.

Also having been brought up in Gujarat, my memories are by default associated with the amazing and unparalleled in the world, Navaratri festival – the nine nights of unrestrained and heartfelt merrymaking and celebration. Dressed up in the gorgeous and sparkling traditional chaniya cholis, kediyus and dhotis, men, women and children, completely lose themselves in the magnificent revelry. As you go around in the streets, you hear traditional garba/dandiya music playing all around, in the societies, townships, stadiums and open grounds. People are dancing, chatting, laughing and spending time with friends and family, weaving memories of a lifetime. The happiness everywhere enwraps you in its blissful arms and makes you a part of it.


No wonder a mere note or two of the garba songs or the sound of the rhythmic dhak, makes my heart jump with joy. It brings to my mind a confluence of feelings that tell me that navaratri is here, Pujo is here. But even in the absence of any sound or any music, my heart, I don’t know, just catches the beats of this wonderful season and glides around drunk with happiness, somehow knowing that Autumn has come. The sheer joy that it brings is inexplicable, the feeling, heavenly. For simplicity let’s just say, Autumn is here! Happiness is here! 🙂


When I saw


I failed to see the world beyond,

my mind bound by my eyes;

Happy I was, in my own land,

never did I dream of the skies

My friend and I both so small, would

happily stroll in our fields

I said “We are so great, so tall,

our greatness, our saviour, our shield”

My friend so naïve, agreed with me

Said, “Yes indeed we conquer them all”

We walked around like proud beasts

Our egos, high, as the walls


A day then came, when the storm blew hard

Left our world all torn

We knew not what’d caused all that

Each thought the other was the thorn

The bond was lost, the world was gone

We saw other dreams take birth

Our world that was, got snatched so fast,

That we cursed the change so abrupt

I failed to know what went wrong

I thought we had it all

But how could we, think we were great,

when a blow made us stumble and fall

I fought within, I fought with my friend

I fought with those, who defeated us all

I lost inside, I lost all battles

My stride now, was a broken crawl

But the war inside brought peace to me

The painful loss now made me see

We were wrong to think we were so tall

As, in truth, we were so weak, so naïve, so small

Now awake, I reached out to the friend,

whom I had accused for all the wrong;

We both now knew what fools we were,

So, full of remorse, we vowed to be strong

With hearts full of love, we reached out to them

Battles they won, but hearts we melted all

They too knew, they won’t win always

As together we were big, but alone so small

Now, all the world belonged to us, and

this world of ours, belonged to all

Our minds now open and our world so big

That we remained no longer small


It is heart wrenching to see that our world today, is war torn. Innocent lives are being strangled by the venomous serpent of hatred. It is time we all wake up and look beyond the smallness of our minds, beyond the boundaries of religion ,ethnicity, race and sex, the boundaries that we have created, leave behind all the hatred, fill our hearts with love and embrace the whole world as our own.

Pathway to me..


I tread an unknown path,
knowing not where it would lead
An Instinctive pursuit,
with every moment as it’s freed

May be i don’t know,
where this path would take me
But i know for sure,
that it knows my destiny


So I set out on this quest,
knowing not where i belong
even if the paths change,
I know, they can never be wrong

As i walk down the way,
Birds sing a lovely rhyme
I totally sense the love,
and feel the rhythm, so divine

I may be clueless,
lost in wonder and thought
but they know for sure,
the end of this plot

They know, i don’t know
what lies ahead of me
So they come along, to guide
me through these paths full of mystery

As I keep walking,
A crazy wind passes by
Roaring, whistling and
sometimes soiling the clear sky

It roars to warn me,
of the challenges that await
and whistles to assure me,
of the rewards i might get

As i move further, i see
the trees, who heartily greet
swaying in happiness,
as if they knew they would meet

they knew about the now
which emerged from the past
and they know where i would go
and where the road will end at-last

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As my naive little soul
treads throughout the day
the path sends inklings through
its messengers, my way


the wisdom i gain
shall stay in my heart
and lead me to my destiny
with every moment’s start

So I may not know where
You are leading me
but now i know for sure
its all Your conspiracy

As i walk on this path
the universe walks with me
And now may be i know where i’ll go
even though i can’t forsee


Say Thank you and Smile


Before you read this, pause, say a Thank You and Smile! A thank you to everyone you are thankful to and everything you are thankful for. I am saying this not because i am crazy but because when you say it, right from your heart, you realise how great it feels to say so. The moment you say it and think, all the positive thoughts and experiences come rushing to your mind and there, you feel great! Woohoo! Congratulations! 🙂


A daily dose of this medicine and behold the new uber-happy you. Most of us, a lot of times keep on cribbing about things we could not get. We always think about that one thing which we want, but forget all the amazing things we already have. So instead if we start concentrating on all the wonderful things we have, we will feel a lot lighter, better and what do you know, Great! And therefore an occasional and harmless gratefulness is much needed. Because we often get things so easily that we don’t realise their importance and start taking them for granted. So start counting the innumerable things that you have and when you are done, am sure, you will realise that you already are a king.




Okay, so let us start counting together. Let us just say a bunch of Thank Yous right now. Start with a big thank you to the guy who, unknowingly, is letting you use his unsecured wi-fi. To the funny stranger who, by pure coincidence, pulls you out of a bad situation. To your friend who lets you copy his/her assignment on the submission day. To the cool breeze from your air conditioner which cools you down on a hot summer day. To the delicious scoop of chocolate pudding that melts inside your mouth. To the cheese burger, that tastes out of the world, while the threat of it staying forever on your hips lurks in the background. To the cloudy sky, on your have–to-walk-a-lot day. To Mother Nature, for the wonderful sunrises, picturesque landscapes, and soul-calming seashores. To God, for gifting you with a sweet family and great friends.  And finally, feel grateful for the beautiful pair of eyes that you have, and for a healthy body, because only with these can you see and feel the beauty and warmth of this world.



You must be thinking that saying a thank you every now and then, is a lot to ask and why bother about thanking at all when we actually deserve a thing. But think of all those people who do not even get a single meal a day and dream of that day when someone would buy them a cup of ice-cream or a pack of chips. And all those who face the fury of nature in its crudest form, be it the intense heat, the biting cold or the lashing rains, who cannot even dream of a shelter, forget an air conditioner or a radiator. Of all those people who are not as lucky as you.

     So for every small thing that you have, feel grateful and whenever you can, try, and bring a smile on someone’s face with a gift or with a small help, so that there’s no one left on earth with a sad face and a helpless heart. Danke!




Truth prevails


Do we care? Do we care about who wins the elections or who comes to power. Do we care about which country has a greater military might. Do we care about which ethnic group has a bigger clout in a country. All, we simple human care about is, harmony, love, peace, freedom, and happiness. We want to celebrate life together with the people we love, sing and dance with no fear, plunge into the seas of harmless merriment and spread the music of love and joy among our
brothers and sisters.

We want to spread happiness :)

We want to spread happiness 🙂

But who are these dark-hearted brutes, who are snatching away this dream from us and turning our lives into a living nightmare. Who are these beasts, with endless hatred in their hearts, who do not want us to be happy. Why is it that children of the same mother are so different. Why is it that one of them extends a hand of love and compassion towards the other and the other slices away that hand mercilessly. Who are these monsters sucking the blood of their
own brothers to quench the thirst of their unending lust for hostility.

The good & evil

The good & evil

Look at the pitiable condition that they have rendered us in. Men, women and children are suffering. Strong, evil men exploit the weak men. Demons in the form of men exploit the women and children. Forget humans, they do not even spare the innocent animals. Their hearts have become so devoid of emotions, their ears oblivious to pain, and their minds bereft of logic, that their hands have become lifeless machines, weapons of destruction which work unhesitatingly
with no fear or remorse.


The clash of the forces

And the result, the followers of truth, the righteous people are heartlessly killed, slaughtered and silenced lest they unmask the heinous faces of these demons before the world.Those cowards know that following the path of truth is no easy choice and that’s why they go about shielding their dastardly faces behind veils of darkness and evil and hiding behind them, attack the brave-hearts.

Do they think that waging war against their so called enemies, ‘the good people’, would bring an end to all the goodness at once and bring the rule of satan over the world?. Never. They are fools who think that they can crush this juggernaut of goodwill. Do they think that their continuous ravages will blow out the candles of hope. Never. For even if all the good is banished and cursed to perish in a dark, insignificant corner, it will rise. It will rise from its ashes to encircle the world with its motherly love, its warmth, which will heal the scars and wounds of the ailing world.

Aura of the good

Aura of the good

What they don’t know is the rule of the universe which says that the more evil you do the greater the evil befalls you. History of mankind is a living testimony to this truth. So, greater the hatred they would nurture in their hearts, greater would be the hatred standing on their paths greeting them. Truth always triumphs. No, it’s not a baseless belief but a hard-hitting truth which reinstates our belief in it time and again. And by the time the forces of satan will realize it, the forces of the good will become too huge to defeat, their resolve too strong to suppress.

The warmth of the good

The warmth of the good




After many years….A page out of my Hostel Diaries….. _________________________________________________________________________________



Soft kitty warm kitty,

little ball of fur,

happy kitty ,sleepy kitty,

pur pur pur……

All of us very well know the fame to which this lullaby has shot to. Thanks to a very famous television series. This very lullaby has been capable of successfully lulling kids to sleep in cozy blankets en-wrapped with the warmth of motherly love.



But recently I have been thinking about this poor little creature. While her kin has to its credit such limericks,  this poor thing lives under conditions quite on the contrary. I am talking about a little kitty who has become an unwanted resident of our hostel. All she does is to roam around in the hostel corridors in search of FOOD ,WARMTH and LOVE.



When she needs food she has oodles of them stored in an array of dustbins, which are set beside our rooms. They seem to have become her best friends as she plays hide and seek, scratch and rub with this army of dustbins all day long. She topples them in search of food, spilling everything, and then digs in, totally unperturbed by the mess she creates. The other day I came out of my room only to see a wafers packet skating across the floor all by itself. I was almost going to let out a scream when I saw two tiny ears and a striped tail driving the USO(unidentified skating object).



When in need of warmth she enters into one of the rooms timidly purring and rubbing against the wall. If fate takes her side she successfully breaks in, escaping the glares of the inmates. Unfortunately enough, if your room is the chosen one, then next morning you may find her cuddling to you in your blanket. But sometimes fate fails our little kitty and in the latter situation, as soon as she sets foot inside the target room one of the inmates gives out an eardrum bursting cry. Whether she hallucinates and imagines this first cousin of tiger, as huge and ferocious tiger itself god only knows. Nevertheless it surely gives our pussy a mild heart attack, compelling her to jump in bewilderment and run for life.



The third and the most indispensable thing that she yearns for is love. But instead of love, all she gets is bag full of rebukes and curses. Had she been owned by some hotel heiress she would have walked the red carpet with her mistress or would have had a cosmetic brand named after her or even better would have had a seven star motel inaugurated on her birthday. Then her best friends would have been velvets and silks. She would get choose her favourite cuisine from a buffet prepared exclusively for her. She would step out of limousines to be greeted by thousands of screaming fans whom she would have eagerly obliged with her ” paw-tograph“.



But on bursting this dream bubble, we find that life is a totally different story for her. However I think that, this way it’s more adventurous. Her story is different, she was chosen to be our little “Puss creating Fuss” rather than “Puss in Boots”…